We treat rising damp and timber to the highest possible standard in domestic and commercial properties using systems such as Dryzone damp proofing cream

as well as mould remediation treatments.

Watch a video of Dryzone injection here.

This video also explains what rising damp is and how it is treated by installing a chemically injected damp proof course and replastering. There are two other sources of damp - penetrating damp resulting from a rainwater or plumbing leak and condensation through insufficient ventilation of the property.

       Drilling holes for chemical injection                                       

              Preparing to re-plaster

       Timber infestation

Mould growth

Wall  membrane fitted before replastering

We are an approved contractor for Triton Systems Ltd/ Wykamol, who are a Property Care Association member, we also supply complete surveys and reports for all mortgage lenders and home buyers.


During winter months, condensation problems created by high humidity are best solved by improving ventilation and insulation. On solid walls where cavity wall insulation is not possible, the walls can be lined internally with Ultrotherm panels which are then plastered. This creates a warmer surface internally to eliminate cold spots where condensation is likely to form.

Contact us for more info about this new product or watch the video: Ultrotherm


We also carry out timber treatment to structural timbers to protect against activity of all wood boring insects.

Fitting of helicoil crack stitching bars to walls to strengthen cracked walls.

Fitting of insulation backed plasterboard to increase thermal performance of walls internally.

Installing French drains to wall perimeters to improve surface water drainage.

Mould remedial services; cleaning mould from surfaces and repainting with anti-mould paint.

Guarantees available.

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Customer feedback

"Thanks for all your hard work."  N Day

"Thanks for getting back to me. We've been very pleased with your work." DH

"Your help and work have been invaluable, and I can't thank you enough for nipping this problem in the bud before it spiralled out of control." MW

"I would like to say how grateful I am that you provided myself and my neighbour with details of the work required to her front garden to stop any further damp occurring, this was very useful. I am also extremely happy with the work you did."   D MacPhail